Adventure and Expo Plymouth University Meet your committee for 2016-2017
Meet your committee for 2016-2017

Meet your committee for 2016-2017


Jack Porteous



Alex Rowe

Health and Safety


Dan Abbott


Mirela Androhovici



James Robertshaw

Trip Secretary

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Alex Thomas

Climbing Secretary


Alex Noot

Caving Secretary


James Kellaway

Walking Secretary


Will Parker

Kit Secretary


Kat Harris

Social Secretary


Hi everyone, I’m Jack, your President this year.  Since joining A&E in my first year I have thrown myself at all of the activities with an endless enthusiasm and optimism for everything, especially the weather.  I mostly enjoy getting out in the mountains but really like climbing and caving as well and have even been described as a Multi-Sport God! This is my fourth year in the club and my third year on committee so I have a pretty good idea about what is going on – any questions give me a shout!We have got lots of trips planned for the year taking us to places near and far with most of them covering the full range of activities we can offer.  As well as this there is loads going on during the week with club nights climbing at the life centre, local caving trips and getting outside when the weather is nice.  Get involved and have a good time – I look forward to meeting you all!
Rowe’s the name, danger’s the game! And by “danger” I mean “aaah climbing cliffs and exploring caves is scary! let’s try not to get hurt”So as you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m the health and safety officer for the club. I’m a fourth year Robotics engineering student and have already had three years of fun clinging way too hard to fairly easy rock climbs, then figuring out how I can safely return to terra firma. I have also on occasion been known to slither into a muddy cave when the rocks are wet.My responsibilities include risk assessing each trip and activity that we do, as well as assisting the kit sec in deciding when equipment should be replaced.Having worked in aerospace and car safety research, and having previously completed climber rescue training, with further training organised for the committee before we run trips, I like to think that I have enough experience to make safety critical decisions.If you ever have a concern about the safety of yourself or others, do not hesitate to speak to me. As a club we have an incredibly good record on safety and I will do my everything I can to keep it that way.Now with the serious side of me out of the way, let’s go have fun.
Hey everyone, my name is Dan and i’ll be your treasurer for the next year. My job is to keep on top of where our money goes and do my best not to bankrupt the society. I only started climbing, caving and hill walking when I joined last year but I haven’t looked back! I spent more time climbing at the Life Centre than I did in the library… hopefully i’ll be able to repeat that this year. Our committee this is a fantastic group of people and we are going to (hopefully) be the best one ever. I spend most of my free time climbing where I can or on dartmoor doing something stupid. The best advice I can give to any prospective members is to get involved as much as you can. If you spot me climbing, come say hi and join in.
Hello, I’m Mirela, your Secretary for this year. I’ll be updating you on all that’s going on in A&E throughout the year, so any concerns, questions, or suggestions, just let me know. This is only my second year in the club, but I’ve already met some very amazing people, and done incredibly fun stuff I never thought I’d do. I’m sure this year will be just as good – if not better! I study biology so getting out into nature is always on the cards. You’ll most likely find me strolling through Dartmoor on sunny-ish days, or up at the Life Centre attempting some boulder routes. It’ll be nice to finally meet you all and welcome you into the A&E family!
Hi everyone, I’m James, and I’m your Trip Secretary for this year. I’ve been hiking and climbing for as long as I can remember, and immediately got involved with A&E as soon as I got to Plymouth. I’m from London, so there isn’t much outdoor climbing at home, but I’ve been out on Dartmoor or elsewhere around Plymouth at nearly every possible opportunity. I’m happiest above ground, climbing or walking or slacklining (I’m rubbish), if the weather’s awful I’ll be climbing indoors, and if that’s not an option then you may even find me underground. As a society, we offer a huge range of amazing trips and events that I’ll be in charge of organising this year, and we’ve got many great things planned for the future. If you see me at the climbing wall, around uni, or maybe even at the sailing club, don’t be afraid to say hi!
Hi everyone! I’m Alex, and I’ll be the club’s Climbing Sec for the next year. I’m from Dorset and started climbing about 1 ½ years ago by bouldering indoors. I began to venture outside with the club last year, and haven’t looked back since. Weather permitting, I’ll be running trips to Dartmoor and surrounding Devon/Cornwall throughout the year, so alongside regular climbing trips, they’ll be no shortage of rocks! Joining A+E was the best decision I made during my 1st year and my favourite thing about the club is the relaxed & friendly nature of everyone and that no matter what your ability or experience is, there will be something for everyone.Loads of us climb regularly throughout the week at the Life Centre in Plymouth, so come and say hi – you can’t miss the sea of orange shirts!
Hello my beauties! I’m Alex (Noot Noot) I’m a ginger Cornish and I love caving! I’ve been caving regularly for over 2 years now. I will never forget my first caving trip, I was so excited and the trip lead made me feel safe at all times. I want to share my passion with anyone who’s curious or already has the caving bug. Safety is first when underground, so you will find me mothering everyone checking if breaks are needed or you’re not happy to carry on; so there’s no excuse not to try it!! In my spare time I do a lot of caving, mostly with a local club, if anyone gets super keen I’m happy to get you involved with more caving opportunities, including Devon Cave Rescue training. I’m also a super keen climber and walker. Cheers n gone
Sup I’m James, I’ll be your Hill Walking Sec this year! I’m a second year Illustration student and it’ll be my second year in A+E. I climbed a bit before uni and done a fair bit of hiking, but through A+E I have been able to get way more involved with both (also caving’s alright I guess). Me being an art student means I’ll have loads of free time to try and get more walking trips organised this year, so you’ll have that to look forward to. You’re most likely to me round the life centre where I spend most of my time faffing in the bouldering room, hope to see you there!
Hi, I’m Will, and I am the kit secretary for this year. I’m here to make sure that there is the correct equipment available for all of the activities we do, and to keep it in good working order. I came into the club solely as a boulderer, but now I have had the chance to broaden my exploits and I’ll happily go up a cliff or down a cave. I study Physical Geography which naturally leads me outdoors, so feel free to join me whether it be just walking or something a little more exciting!
Hi, I’m Katherine your social sec for the year! I’m from rural Shropshire so I’m used to taking long walks in the countryside! It’s my second year as part of A&E and first on committee, so wish me luck! I’m a second year Geologist… Yes I do lick rocks !! You’ll find me climbing or caving, I love them both! As well as horse riding, skiing and dancing!I have many crazy and fun filled socials planned for this year so don’t be shy, come along and I’m always up for a chat.
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