Adventure and Expo Plymouth University Meet your committee for 2017-2018
Meet your committee for 2017-2018

Meet your committee for 2017-2018


Dan Abbott



Mirela Androhovici

Health and Safety


Megan Dalton



Freddie Kanisius



James Robertshaw

Trip Secretary


Alex Thomas

Climbing Secretary


Alex Noot

Caving Secretary

Ross Colledge

Walking Secretary


Izzy Martin

Kit Secretary

Alice Barrett

Social Secretary


Hello everyone! My name is Dan and I am going to be your President for the year. This society has taken me on a journey, from never having climbed, never having slacklined or even walked further than down the road to the shops, to scaling hundred metre cliffs or crawling up to the summit of Snowdon. And that’s without mentioning caving, the nights spent on Dartmoor, climbing at BUCS and meeting a great bunch of fellow adventurers. I spend most of my free time up at the Life Centre climbing or generally messing about on Dartmoor. There are lots of exciting plans in the works for this year, so join in and get involved!
Hey, I’m Ella. So, hanging off cliffs by the tips of your fingers, or slithering down muddy caves might seem totally nuts to some of you. Well…it is. But not to worry! We wouldn’t be doing any of it if it wasn’t fun, and most importantly, safe. I’m here (as your health and safety officer) to help maintain A&E’s excellent safety record by risk assessing the club’s every move, and making sure y’all have your helmets stuck to your heads when near the rocks (including me this time). I’m sure this year will be absolutely awesome and filled with exciting adventures, amazing people, and plenty of embarrassing photos from combining the two. Enjoy. And just remember, safety third…I mean…first!
Hey there, my name is Megan and I’ll be the club’s treasurer this year, I’ll be in charge of making sure we have enough money to run all the amazing trips and events A&E has to offer, let’s hope I do a good job! Although I did a little climbing when I was younger I was pretty much a newbie to it when I joined the club last year, now I’m totally hooked and love taking trips to enjoy the outdoor climbing we have on our door step. I’ve also discovered that I don’t mind tight holes and getting dirty (I’m talking caving, obviously) especially with our fab caving sec who never fails entertain. I’ve always been a hiker and this club is a great place to meet like-minded people, whether you enjoy running up Snowdon or a stroll on Dartmoor to escape uni. Even if you’ve never left the ground or adventured beneath it then you should definitely give it a go, you never know you may end up on committee next year! And let’s be honest, 4 activities rolled into one club is great for the student budget. If you see me around campus or the climbing centre feel free to say hi and ask any questions 😊
Hello everybody! I’m Freddie, this year’s secretary. Adventure and Expo has been my favourite society since the start of uni and I’ve made some great friends – oh so many. I enjoy hiking, slacklining, caving and the odd bit of bouldering. If you see me at the life centre, don’t be afraid to enter. Weekend trips are a real highlight for me, so make sure you get all your work done during the week so you can pass your degree!
So you if need a hand, shout or send an email and we can talk about first weekend.
Hey everyone. I’m James and I’m Trip Secretary for the second year in a row. I live the majority of my life outside, be it climbing at the local crag, hiking around the nearest hills or mountains, slacklining in the sun or even getting myself stuck underground. Climbing is easily my favourite sport that A&E offers, and can nearly always be found half way up the nearest vertical face. As Trip sec, I’m in control of all our brilliant trips and events that happen throughout the course of the year, and do my best to take the club to new and exciting places that offer a broad range of activities. It also means I’m your go to person if you have any questions about the club calendar and what events are coming each term. If you see me on campus, at the climbing wall or anywhere else, don’t be afraid to say hi – and I look forward to going for a climb and having a drink with all of you!
Hi everyone! I’m Alex, and I’ll be the club’s Climbing Sec for the next year. I’m from Dorset and started climbing just before I came to Plymouth. With A+E I’ve had some amazing climbing experiences and have met some awesome people. Since the sun always shines in the south west, I’ll be organising trips to Dartmoor and surrounding Devon/Cornwall throughout the year – so alongside regular climbing club trips, they’ll be no shortage of rocks! Joining A+E was the best decision I made during my 1st year and my favourite thing about the club is the relaxed & friendly nature of everyone and that no matter what your ability or experience is, there will be something for all. Loads of us climb regularly throughout the week at the Life Centre in Plymouth, so come and say hi!
Hello my beauties! I’m Alex (Noot Noot) I’m a ginger Cornish and I love caving! I’ve been caving regularly for over 2 years now. I will never forget my first caving trip, I was so excited and the trip lead made me feel safe at all times. I want to share my passion with anyone who’s curious or already has the caving bug. Safety is first when underground, so you will find me mothering everyone checking if breaks are needed or you’re not happy to carry on; so there’s no excuse not to try it!! In my spare time I do a lot of caving, mostly with a local club, if anyone gets super keen I’m happy to get you involved with more caving opportunities, including Devon Cave Rescue training. I’m also a super keen climber and walker. Cheers n gone
Ayup Lads and Lasses, I’m Ross, your Hill Walking Sec this year! I’m a second year Optometry student. Since joining A&E in my first year I’ve thrown myself into many of the incredible weekenders and tried my hand at climbing and the wonder that is slithering about underground. (Now might be a good time to plug the fact that I’m a squeeze box legend and came runner up at CHECC.)
All the different activities rolled into one society really makes the club diverse, but the real reason I joined was for walking and mountaineering. I think that walking can be so enriching, and enables you to see so much of the stunning surroundings.
So, this year then, I intend to enhance the image of hill walking and get more people involved. I aim to set up some great walking opportunities on our sensational weekenders and organise some awesome day trips and wild camping in our stunning local park that is Dartmoor.
If you like the outdoors then stop contemplating it and sign up already! Try and get on as many of the organised weekend trips that you can. You won’t regret becoming a part of this friendly, enriching society.
Hi there! I’m Izzy and I’m your kit sec for the year. I’m in charge of making sure the kit is safe, we have enough of it and people can use it to get out adventuring! If you want to borrow something, send me a message, I don’t bite! I’m a third year medical student and joined the club last year, my only regret was not joining sooner. I love getting involved in as much as the club offers as possible and recommend you do the same!
Hi, I’m Alice, I am your social sec for this year. I have a year experience of running socials and am excited to be able to represent A&E and run socials for you crazy lot. Look out for both sober and drinking socials, they are sure to be a good laugh! I’ll be running all the traditional A&E socials and throwing in some of my own too, oh and lots of tequila.
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