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Pridhamsleigh Cavern – Monday 30-10-13

Pridhamsleigh Cavern – Monday 30-10-13

We went and had a scout of Dog’s Hole for a warm up. An inviting little rabbit hole that leads you on quite nicely. Freshers getting to grips with wellies, rocks and bumping heads!

Great Prid trip running around the labyrinth after Bishop’s Chamber, couple of side bimbles and then on to Bear Pit and down to the lake. We all went down the tube reconnecting to the ledge above the lake where we jumped in, and a few of the guys had a swim up to the deep end. The cave was wet today, and the cellars were sumped again. This meant taking the plunge, and for most people this was their first time so very good effort to those who attended. The next ‘duck’ was passed effectively; good team effort pulling people through and maintaining contact at all times. Time to beat a retreat back to the bus; emerging from the Cellars through the slot in the floor and then letting the freshers pick out a route back to Bishop’s Chamber (all passages go there anyway!). The puddle in Bishop’s was knee deep, a recent symptom of Monday’s St Jude’s storm. A mini mud-fight ensued on the way back through the orchard, before crossing the bridge and jumping about in the river to wash our kit off. This left half an hour to amble back to the road and catch the X38 back to Plymouth, before heading out to Pop Up bar for some bobbing-for-apples at the Wednesday Night pre-Halloween Apocalypto el Fantastico-Extravaganza. All in a day’s work!

Thom (Caving Sec)